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The EA Lenore: Pattern Pieces

I recently released a series of Instagram reels to walk you through the Lenore box top hack, and so many of you kindly requested a blog post. So let's get to it!

This is the first part of a three part series that will walk you through this hack. This post is dedicated to drafting the pattern pieces that you'll use.

Drafting the Pattern Pieces

You will start with the box top pattern of your choice as the base for your pattern pieces.

  1. Front Top Bodice: Take the front bodice pattern piece and trace the existing pattern onto your drafting paper. Measure 3" below the bottom sleeve and draw a perpendicular line to shorten your front bodice. For the button placket, you will need to add 1 1/2" to the fold line, which will now become a cut line. Mark a notch 1/2" and then 1 1/2" in from the cut line. To mark the pocket notches, fold the outer side and match to the notch 1 1/2" in from the cut line and fold in half. On either side of that fold line, mark a notch 2 1/2" out.

  2. Back Top Bodice: Shorten your back bodice pattern piece using the same method in Step 1 for the front. Be sure to check that the bodice length is the same for both pattern pieces.

  3. Front and Back Bottom Bodice: Take the front bodice pattern piece with the added button placket and measure the total width and copy that width onto your drafting paper. Decide what length you'd like your top or dress to be, and mark on your paper (my top length is 13" and my dress length is 33" for reference). Decide on any hem finishings at this time, such as rounded or split hems. Mark a notch 1/2" and then 1 1/2" in from one of the sides for the button placket.

  4. Pockets: Measure a 6" wide by 7" long rectangle. Mark notches 1/2" in on each side of the 6" width.

  5. Neckline Facing/Binding: If your pattern has bias binding or neckline facing pieces, use the existing pattern pieces. They will be treated differently though during cutting and sewing.

  6. Everything Else: Trace over any other pattern pieces, like arm bands, sleeves, etc.

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